Wedding Cake Pittsburgh

Wedding Cake Pittsburgh One such new bride is Sara, who imagined up an inventive LEGO® marriage to her high school sweetheart a year ago – and pulled from the event for 80 within five months flat. (Take that, Trump! ) Within a quick detour from the girl hectic schedule, Sarah allow us to pick her brains within an interview … and exposed the inner workings of the greatest Lego wedding. We think it does not matter what your theme – if this calls for creativity, you’re certain to be inspired.

FavorIdeas: This particular sounds like kind of a pathetic question, but I think there is a sort of philosophy behind the entire Lego thing. Like, whenever brides choose doves, it is because they especially like the feeling of innocence involved. Along with dragonflies, there’s a sort of the spunky informality. What was this is behind Legos for you 2?