Mini Cake Designs

Mini Cake Designs.
Recently i made this Pink hand bag pastry for my mother inside law. She loves green and she loves the girl hand bag. So I thought it might be an awesome cake for her. The actual funny thing about the woman hand bag is that it is always inclined more towards one part and when you ask her about this she is not very happy regarding it. I made the handbag leaning on one side any tad just for fun.

An email on copyright. If you are creating a bag for a customer, it is best to ensure that the carrier you choose will not have any copyright laws issues later. Personally I might copy a bag however I prefer not to write the title on the bag for any client cakes. I could put some sort of name tag on my Mom in laws cake yet because I made this movie and published it upon you tube; I preferred to not. You know; better safe compared to sorry they say.