Great Wedding Cakes

Great Wedding Cakes My mom really emailed the LEGO organization informing them of our important occasion – and they delivered us a little Lego wedding couple! (And, oddly, an extra “policeman” torso. ) She additionally commissioned a custom Seglar cake topper – it had been super-cool. Music-themed, with a couple of notes and a record gamer on top, and engraved with the names and date.

Great Wedding Cakes Like a cardholder, we used the vacant Lego box shaped just like a giant brick. And then with regard to centerpieces, we got fishbowls through the dollar store and fill up them up with miscellaneous Legos. This was just the best, since it turned out, because people started throwing them and building points – which was exactly what all of us wanted. Our guests totally got into the spirit. These people started building “wedding presents” out of all the Legos, which began to congregate around our guestbook. We found tiny homes and tiny cars. As well as spaceships and laser cannons. After all, Legos make all sorts of wedding gifts possible (laughs).