Cake Designs In Nigeria

Cake Designs In Nigeria, If you need the entire event to carry out your own black and white theme, it’s important to get the guests involved too. You have to make sure your wedding guests are generally well-informed that there is a dress program code. Make the request prominent in your wedding invitations and have them verify. Use invitations that are typically black and white to let them specifically what kind of theme to expect.

Marriage cakes are traditionally whitened, however adding the right amount of black color gives it an entirely different sense. The contrast of white or black on a wedding cake truly makes the cake itself be noticeable.Cake Designs In Nigeria Think black and white checkered layouts or white with dark swirls, it adds a little bit of whimsy and fun for an otherwise boring cake. Utilizing black as an accent to produce an image on a completely bright cake or the other method around is another great way of mixing the two colors.