Cake Designs Giant Eagle

Cake Designs Giant Eagle, Sliced fresh fruit is a great choice for easy pastry decorations that are a little more festive but nevertheless sophisticated. Simple ripe red-colored strawberries sliced and organized in overlapping circles about dark chocolate frosting makes a decadent dessert. For even more decadence, macerate an assortment of berries through stirring them with a tea spoon or two of sugar and also, optionally, a few tablespoons of your respective favorite liqueur. Refrigerate these questions bowl for several hours, and then pour the syrupy cherries over a cheesecake.

Another very simple way to turn ordinary simple cake decorations into some thing special is to decorate just the sides of the cake, leaving behind the top with plain sleek icing. Cake Designs Giant Eagle Chopped nuts, small chocolate chips, shredded coconut, chopped candy bars, along with crushed peppermint candies are good choices for this method.