Cake Design Using Royal Icing

Cake Design Using Royal Icing, There’s a bit more into it than that. The Ritz has also added a bit of ‘cuisine’ to the cooking; the cucumber sandwich now comes with dill and chive seasoning, and also the smoked salmon sandwich utilizes lemon-infused butter on rye bread to create a bit of zest. That’s a step ahead of the normal slices-of-white-smear-of-butter-and-summat-in-the-middle which is the ‘traditional British’ sarnie as the mother made it.

However I am left wondering whether this really is ‘real British’.Cake Design Using Royal Icing For most of us, actual British afternoon tea originates from Greggs the bakers rapid cream horns with confectioner’s cream and scatterings of massive sugar crystals, millefeuille using horrible pink fondant topping on top that makes it look as though Dame Edna Everage experienced a hand in the design.