Cake Design Using Fondant

Cake Design Using Fondant, You end up with your mouth blocked with sugar. And of course it must be washed down with a chew of ‘builder’s tea’ instructions brewed (or ‘mashed’) for around half an hour till it’s therefore strong you could etch cup with it, and with enough glucose to make your spoon stand. Greggs might not be a premium experience. But it has the benefit of being much, much cheaper compared to Ritz.

However , afternoon green tea for me isn’t a gourmet encounter really (and if it is, the best is possibly The Arch using its eclairs) – it’s a convenience meal, and it’s one which inside the have a definite tang with the home-made about it. Cake Design Using Fondant I’m very happy to have no patisseries whatsoever, just the scones – in case they’re good and big, having really good jam and a good dollop of clotted ointment. A really good Bakewell tart can be a delightful thing too, having its crumbly almond and wealthy jam (though I detest it when that sensitive mix is upset with the addition of fondant icing on top). Or a chunky slice regarding Victoria sponge, dusted on top with icing sugar.