Cake Design One Direction

Cake Design One Direction, Be innovative with the music you choose to arranged the tone for your mermaid fairytale wedding. There are thousands of of ways you can go. Are these claims a royal mermaid dream? Then you will probably want much more regal, courtly sounding songs. Are you thinking more like a beach love tale between a man and the mermaid who rescues him (or the other way round)? After that perhaps music more suitable for a Hollywood beach love blockbuster would be better.

Naturally , you could always pay respect to the classic Disney video,Cake Design One Direction “The Little Mermaid” using the song, “Under the Sea” to kick off the dancing. If you dare, make your entry in your mermaid fairytale marriage ceremony to the song that Ariel sings when she very first gets her voice back again after Ursula is conquered to symbolically represent everything you have overcome to get to your current fairytale wedding day.